The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Opening Prayer

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Chaplain Margaret Grun Kibben

From the beginning, O God, in Your divine grace, You have bestowed on us the rewards of Your marvelous creation. We pause to give thanks for Your awe–inspiring handiwork that You have shared with us for our enjoyment: the constellations of the stars, the majesty of the mountains, the peace of a river, the abundant harvest of the land.
The Earth is Yours, O Lord, and the fullness thereof, and on this Thanksgiving week, we take time to give honor to You for the incredible privilege we have together to tend this vast garden. May we reflect with gratitude on the tasks You have entrusted us: to sow and to harvest the bounty of the Earth, to tend to the health of all that lives in this world, to plant and to yield goodwill among those who labor alongside us.
We give thanks to You for all these blessings as we gather around tables this week. Be among us that we may experience the generosity of Your abiding presence. Shed Your grace on the fruit of fellowship wherever it is found. Nourish our souls with mutual respect and equip us to carry out the responsibilities You have bestowed on us.
In all the gifts for which we give thanks, may we be ever mindful of the gifts of Your love and faithfulness.
In Your generous name we pray.  Amen.