The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Opening Prayer

Rabbi David Greene

Almighty God, Master of the Universe, according to the Jewish tradition, You instructed mankind to obey seven universal laws:

Not to worship false gods;
Never to blaspheme your Holy Name;
Not to murder;
Not to commit adultery, incest or any sexual misdeeds;
Not to steel, lie or cheat;
Not to be cruel to any living creature; and
That every society govern by just laws based on the recognition of You, O God, as the sovereign ruler of all men and all nations.

Today, the members of this house convene to fulfill one of these commandments, to govern by just laws.

May it be your will, that those assembled here enact laws to govern this great country, be mindful of Your presence and conduct themselves in all their matters with justice, kindness and peace.

Grant them success in making this country truly fit for Your presence. Bless them with good health, wisdom, compassion, good cheer and fellowship.