The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Opening Prayer

Imam Yusuf Saleem

With God's name, the merciful benefactor, the merciful redeemer. We seek Your guidance, Your mercy, and Your forgiveness that this body of servants to God and this country will be blessed with hindsight, insight, and foresight as only You can provide. Supply this elected assembly, entrusted by our Nation's citizens, to ultimately trust the creator of us all. As defined by humans, these are delicate times, but still we know it is Your times. So let truth, excellence, justice, and service lead the intellects and souls of our House of Representatives.

Yes, God bless America. Yes, God has blessed America. Yes, God is still blessing America, a land of diversity in every imaginable way. For in the Holy Quran, a book of guidance to humanity, it states, ‘‘God has honored all of the children of Adam.'' And in America's Declaration of Independence, ‘‘all men are created equal.''

So, with resources, material, spiritual, and mental, we thank God. We thank You, God, for engineering the tradition of this land to witness that life and liberty must be secured by submitting our wills to Your plan. Amen.