The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Opening Prayer

Rabbi Dr. Ari Korenblit

Rabbi Dr. Ari Korenblit, Temple Sholom, Brooklyn, New York, offered the following prayer :

God, bless America.

We thank You, God, for our country which has nurtured the hopes and dreams of people throughout the world.

For our country which is the most charitable Nation that has ever existed, sharing its bounty and talents with all.

For our country which has provided welcoming portals of refuge, sanctuary and opportunity, both material and spiritual.

For our country which has been enriched by the prayers and talents from the early pilgrims to our recent citizens.

In these troubled times, let us especially remember the early pilgrims who came to these shores with their faith, dreams and hope in God. This is the secret of our endurance, prosperity and success.

God, inspire the Members of this great Chamber and all our leaders with courage to champion our divine moral code and with the strength to uphold those freedoms we hold dear. Bless and protect our soldiers who defend those principles throughout the world. May we forever be one Nation under God and continue our sacred duty to be the conscience of the world.

Please, God, fill our hearts with thanksgiving every moment.