The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Opening Prayer

Reverend Andrew Walton

In thanks and gratitude we breathe the life giving Spirit of a new day filled with creative potential and possibility.

As on the first day, may this day be "in the beginning."
May we see the goodness and abundance of creation.
May we embrace the name given to us, Human, – from the earth.

May we look into the eternal waters and see in our own reflections the image of the Name that cannot be named, the Eternal Living Presence we call by many names.

May we see both the Human and Divine in ourselves
and every other person.
May we see the Eternal Presence of Life in all of creation.

May the Light of the first day be our guiding vision for every day particularly within the deliberations and decisions among the minds, spirits, and imagination of these chambers,
leading us to see and respect the sacred dignity and worth of every one and every thing, everywhere.