The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Opening Prayer

Reverend Patrick J. Conroy, S.J.

Merciful God, we give You thanks for giving us another day.

Continue to guide the destiny of these United States. Bless the Members of this assembly.

Grant that all their deliberations give rise to understanding and that amity prevail in the people's House.

By Your divine inspiration, may we as a Nation reach the destiny You have in mind for us.

May all that is done be for Your greater honor and glory.


Thought of the Week

“Prayer to St. Thomas More
(originally for lawyers, but slightly edited for Congressional staff):

Thomas More, counselor of law and statesman of integrity, merry martyr and most human of saints: Pray that, for the glory of God and in the pursuit of His justice, I may be trustworthy with confidences, keen in study, accurate in analysis, correct in conclusion, able in argument, loyal to clients constituents, honest with all, courteous to adversaries, ever attentive to conscience. Sit with me at my desk and listen with me to my clients constituents' tales. Read with me in my library and stand always beside me so that today I shall not, to win a point, lose my soul.
Pray that my family may find in me what yours found in you: friendship and courage, cheerfulness and charity, diligence in duties, counsel in adversity, patience in pain—their good servant, and God's first. Amen.

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