The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Opening Prayer

Reverend Patrick J. Conroy, S.J.

Lord God of Heaven and Earth, thank You for giving us another day.

In this Chamber of the people's House, we note the observance of Constitution Day, when our Nation's founding document was signed at the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

Grant a deepening knowledge of, and appreciation for, our Constitution to all Americans, but especially to the Members of the people's House, who have sworn an oath to defend it.

May they have the freedom to realize that their responsibility is to the Nation and its welfare, as well as to their own constituents. Give them the wisdom to discern the greater good when those allegiances might seem to conflict.

May all that is done today be for Your greater honor and glory. Amen.

Thought of the Week

“Meditation Before the Yom Kippur Vidui
G–d of Old,
Judge and Sovereign,
Healer and Guide:

Today I recount my deeds,
The sins I’ve committed,
The blessings I’ve bestowed.

Today I recall my year,
The challenges I’ve faced,
The decisions I’ve made.

Today I reach into my heart,
The moments of anger,
The moments of love.

By Your command
G–d of Mercy,
I lay bare the secrets within me,
Light and darkness,
My gentle hand and my clenched fist,
My strength and conceit,
Anger and fear.

By Your command
G–d of Wisdom,
I open myself to see truth,
Beauty and degradation,
The holy and the profane,
The victorious and the guilty.

By Your command
G–d of Salvation,
I reclaim all that I am
And all that I’ve done,
My pride and my shame,
Returning to You
So that I may redeem my days
With awe and righteousness.

© 2011 Alden Solovy and All rights reserved.”

—Alden Solovy

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