The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Opening Prayer

Imam Abdullah Antepli

The holy One, as Your creation, we call You by different names, experience You through multiple paths. Our human diversity is from You.

As the creator of all, You made us different. Enable us to understand, appreciate, and celebrate our differences. Teach and guide us to turn these differences into opportunities, richness, and strength. Prevent us from turning them into sources of division, polarization, hate, and bigotry.

The most merciful One, this incredibly diverse Nation of ours is one of the most successful attempts to understand Your wisdom in creating us different. We are far from being perfect, but came a long way in creating a multicultural, multi–religious, and pluralistic society by making in America "you will be judged by what you do, not by who you are" as one of our foundational promises.

The most compassionate One, help us to preserve our achievements in this regard. Do not let the destructive forces of division and exclusion erode our ideals, our firm commitment to diversity and pluralism. Empower us and these legislators to further improve the culture of inclusion and welcome to all in our Nation and beyond.

The most forgiving One, if and when we forget You, do not forget us.

In Your most holy and beautiful name, we pray. Amen.