The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Reverend Robert Gannon

Lady Queen of Peace
Staten Island, NY

Sponsor: Rep. Rep. Vito Fossella, (R-NY)
Date of Prayer: 06/07/2001

One Minute Speech Given in Recognition of the Guest Chaplain:

Mr. FOSSELLA. Mr. Speaker, it is my honor and pleasure to acknowledge the presence of Father Robert Gannon who offered the morning prayer this morning. Father Gannon, to those who know him, love him. Those who know him, honor and respect him.

He was born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and spent much of his life on Staten Island. He is a positive role model and influence to thousands. He attended and graduated Fordham University as well as the St. Joseph Seminary in Dunwoody. For many years he has been a pastor of Lady Queen of Peace of Staten Island. He has been a guidance counselor to many high school students. It is estimated more than 15,000 students went through his doors on their way to college.

In addition for the last 20 years or so, Father Gannon has headed a committee in the 13th Congressional District that screens and recommends nominations to our military academies: Annapolis, West Point, Air Force Academy, Merchant Marines. In that period of time, perhaps more than 150 students have gone on to those military academies and then gone on to serve our country. Many of those probably would not have gone on to those academies but for the help, guidance, and assistance of Father Gannon.
Mr. Speaker, he has been a priest, a teacher, a friend, and really loved by thousands. I am very, very fortunate to have him as my friend, and I hope today that those Members of the House here understand why I found it an honor to ask him to be with us today.

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

Lord God, we ask Your blessing on all here present, the Members of our House of Representatives. Bless those we have elected to Congress to lead our nation wisely. Help them to realize their great importance in our lives:

If each note of music were to say: one note does not make a symphony; there would be no symphony.

If a word were to say: one word does not make a book; there would not be a book.

If each seed were to say: one grain does not make a field of corn; there would be no harvest.

If each of us were to say: one life of service cannot save mankind; there would never be peace on earth.

Lord, help these Members of Congress to grasp their importance to America; guide them with Your Closeness and Inspiration. May they leave today more bonded to each other, more conscious of their power to do good for America.


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