The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Doctor James Scudder

Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church
Lake Zurich, IL

Sponsor: Rep. Rep. Phil Crane, (R-IL)
Date of Prayer: 10/03/2001

One Minute Speech Given in Recognition of the Guest Chaplain:

Mr. CRANE. Mr. Speaker, today it is my honor to welcome Dr. James Scudder as our guest chaplain. Dr. Scudder is a senior pastor of my church, the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church, in Lake Zurich, Illinois.

In 1972, Dr. Scudder founded the Chicago Bible Church in a storefront. He migrated up to Chicago area from Kentucky. Well, actually, I do not know whether he went by way of Indiana en route, as Lincoln did, but he finally got to Illinois and he founded the church there. Then he expanded that church by moving out to Lake Zurich, Illinois. He has gone from a storefront church to a church that is 70,000 square feet. It is one of the biggest, or the biggest, in our area there. In addition to that, it has one of the largest congregations, in the thousands.

Dr. Scudder is the president also of Dayspring Bible College. He founded a school, grammar school, high school, and a college there. He is the host of the weekly TV broadcast, the Quentin Road Bible Hour, which is seen here on WGN–TV. He is the host of a radio program called Victory and Grace. In addition, Dr. Scudder is the author of several books.

He simultaneously is married to one of the most remarkable talents, Linda Scudder . She is an expert pianist, but she also leads the choir, and they have one of the largest choirs in the entire State of Illinois, and do remarkable performances every Sunday.

To show his additional talents, he has a son, one son named Jim, Jim, Jr., who is now also a pastor in his father's footsteps. He does as stirring a job in the pulpit, almost, as his father does. He is challenging him already. So whenever Pastor Scudder is traveling on missionary work, and he does that around the world, his son, Pastor Jim, Jr., fills in for him.

There is someone else, Pastor Bob Vanden Bosch, that I would like to recognize, who also works in the Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church, but spends a lot of time down in our State Capitol of Springfield, Illinois, trying to convert the heathen in Springfield.

I would like to ask all of the Members to join me in welcoming my good friend and our pastor, Dr. Scudder, as our guest chaplain.

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Because You are the Almighty Creator, the everlasting, omnipotent One, the One who loves more than we could ever imagine, we come before You right now to humbly seek Your face. I beseech You to watch over this great Congress of the United States of America as they make important decisions and endeavor to accomplish that which is best for our great nation. We pray for the ongoing investigation for the Attach on America. Oh, Lord, how we grieve at the atrocity that was performed within our borders! Each of these men and women are facing decisions more significant, more extensive, and more intense than any decision they could have imagined just three weeks ago.

We are a nation indivisible and undivided. We thank You for our amazing heritage of freedom and we acknowledge right now that all of our blessing come from You. We thank You for the great patriotism that is sweeping our land and pray that we will continue to fight acknowledging You as the Source of our strength.

I pray You will put Your umbrella of protection over each Member of Congress. Please give Your great assistance for the essential responsibilities that You have assigned to them. I pray for each person here – that they might know the peace that passes all understanding. I ask You this in the name of our Father of His Son Jesus Christ.


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