The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Rabbi Alan Katz

Temple Sinai
Rochester, NY

Sponsor: Rep. Rep. Louise Slaughter, (D-NY)
Date of Prayer: 10/04/2001

One Minute Speech Given in Recognition of the Guest Chaplain:

Ms. SLAUGHTER. Madam Speaker, today we open this legislative day with a prayer from Rabbi Alan Katz. I want to take a moment to tell my colleagues and the country about Rabbi Katz and the important role that he plays in my community.

Rabbi Katz has served as rabbi of Temple Sinai in Rochester since 1986, and he has played prominent roles in many of Rochester's civic and faith organizations. Rabbi Katz is joined here today by his parents; his wife, Jan; and his brother, David.

Rabbi Katz knows better than anyone that one of America's strengths is our diversity. As Americans, we have enormous freedom; and some in other lands do not understand it. Rochester is a community of many faiths; and Rabbi Katz is a leader in helping others learn, understand, and celebrate our differences. He is known for his ability to reach across racial, ethnic, and religious lines to create understanding and friendship. He is part of a Muslim–Jewish dialogue group; and he has fostered a relationship between Temple Sinai and AME Baber Church with Reverend Norvell Goff, Sr. Along with Catholic Bishop Matthew Clark, he co–led the Rochester Interfaith Mission to Israel in the summer of 1998.

In these difficult and emotional times, many of us are returning to faith to seek guidance and understanding. Many people in Rochester turn to Rabbi Katz for his wisdom, his understanding, and his ability to heal. I am proud to have known Rabbi Katz for a number of years; and I am grateful for his work in our community, as well as his personal friendship. I am honored that he was here today to lead us in prayer .

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

Today is the third day of the Jewish Festival of Tabernacles, Succoth, our Feast of Booths. This festival is also called the Time of Our Rejoicing, and begins only 5 days after Yom Kippur, our most solemn of holy days. In renewed spirit, we therefore pray for the Almighty's divine protection. We ask You, Universal God, to spread over us the tabernacle of Your peace and direct us in good counsel. Be our rock and support in both times of grief and of joy.

As the Jewish people from ancient days to the present dwelt and survived in Harvest Booths under the protecting wings of God's presence, bless our entire Nation with the shelter of love and peace that helps us to regain our confidence and security. Be with the leaders of our country who, in wisdom and compassion, seek to establish justice and peace in our Nation and in the world. Strengthen our citizens to reach out in kindness as we acknowledge the holiness of the Divine image found in each and every person. Allow us to stand upright and tall in the face of all that comes our way, always champions for freedom and peace.

Praised are You, Eternal One, whose shelter of peace encompasses us and all humanity.


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