The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Reverend Dr. David Shibley

Global Advance
Dallas, TX

Sponsor: Rep. Hon. Ralph Hall, (D-TX)
Date of Prayer: 09/24/2003

One Minute Speech Given in Recognition of the Guest Chaplain:

Mr. HALL. Mr. Speaker, I am honored to have the world's minister here. He is my neighbor in Rockwall, Texas. Rockwall is the smallest county of 254 counties in Texas, and he is my neighbor, he is my friend, and, as I say, he is the world's pastor.

Dr. Shibley has spent his life dedicated to the spreading of the Gospel throughout the world. Through his work and through private donations, he has afforded on–site training for over 193,000 pastors and church leaders in 53 nations and has equipped them with books and ministry resources in 13 languages.

Today, as we worry about the Nation and worry about the men and women overseas and we pray for our President, we may have the strongest intercontinental ballistic missile system and the best military hardware of anyone in the world, but we know today the greatest power we have and the power we need is the power of prayer.

Thank you, Dr. Shibley , for your prayer.

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

"Our Father’s God, to Thee, author of liberty, to Thee we sing. Long may our land be bright with freedom’s holy light. Protect us by Thy might, great God our King." Eternal Father, we acknowledge as President Lincoln said, "the sublime truth, announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord." We humbly affirm that "unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord keeps the city, the watchman stands guard in vain." May You be our defense, and may You grant to this Congress Your wisdom and compassion. May the members of this great House, their families and staffs experience the joy of knowing You and walking in Your ways. Forgive us when we have tried to govern independent of Your will. Grant us the moral clarity and moral courage that will make us a lighthouse to the nations. May we as a nation and may these public servants be guided by Your Word and Your Holy Spirit. I ask this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, who loved us and gave Himself for us.


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