The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Reverend Herbert Brooks, Jr.

St. John Missionary Bible Church
Joliet, IL

Sponsor: Rep. Deborah Halverson, (D-IL)
Date of Prayer: 07/21/2010

One Minute Speech Given in Recognition of the Guest Chaplain:

Mrs. HALVORSON. Madam Speaker, I rise today with great pride to introduce Pastor Herb Brooks , who kindly delivered this morning's opening prayer. Herb Brooks is not just the pastor at St. John Baptist Church in Joliet, Illinois. He is a husband to wife Gwen, and a proud father and grandfather.

He serves as a member of the Will County Board, where he represents his constituents with passion, integrity, and intelligence. And he has been an outspoken advocate for civil rights and the need for better health care in our community. It is all of these reasons why he is considered a true leader in our district, and why I have invited him here today to continue this great tradition.

Pastor Brooks embodies the spirit and pride that defines our community, and I could not think of anyone better to represent our district during the opening prayer. I thank him for being here, and I am so proud to introduce him.

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

Our Heavenly Father, and Creator, we acknowledge your presence, and power on this day.

Today Lord, we ask for blessing upon this House of Government and remind us of your words, "the government shall be upon His shoulder." We humbly ask Lord, to guide them, direct them, rest your spirit upon their shoulders during this decision making time.

We ask Lord you endow them with the ability to make the right decisions that is pleasing to our Lord, and all mankind. Keep every Representative of this great country strong, a sound mind and a willing heart to continue to serve. Protect those that are protecting us, Lord as we ask you to be our heavenly Protector.

Bless the staff, as well as the families of this House of Representatives. Fill us all with your brotherly love, your, "one accord spirit" and your peace. We pray all this in your precious name! Amen.

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