The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Reverend Roy Bennett

Calvary Assembly of God Church
Jefferson City, MO

Sponsor: Rep. Ike Skelton, (D-MO)
Date of Prayer: 09/28/2010

One Minute Speech Given in Recognition of the Guest Chaplain:

Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to personally welcome to the House our guest chaplain, Pastor Roy
Bennett of Missouri. His son David is accompanying him in the gallery. A native of the Show–Me State, Pastor Bennett was raised on a farm in southeast Missouri, and attended high school in Zalma. Moving with his family to St. Louis following high school, he attended Brooks Bible Institute, and was
ordained in the Assemblies of God. Excelling in his ministry, Pastor Bennett
would go on to serve congregations in the communities of Marble Hill, Potosi, Salem, and Versailles.
For the past 7 years, Pastor Bennett has grown a vibrant congregation at the First Assembly of God Church in Jefferson City, Missouri, where he currently serves as senior pastor. As his 50
years of service throughout rural Missouri demonstrate, Pastor Bennett has been an invaluable leader for several communities throughout our State.
I join my colleagues in welcoming Pastor Bennett to the U.S. House of Representatives, and we thank his son, David, who is with him today–one of his two sons. David is a former member of the Armed Services.

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

Our Heavenly Father, we come to you today, asking your Divine blessing upon this House of Representatives.

As they are called upon to make many decisions, we ask for your Divine direction for not only this House, but for our President, and all others called upon to lead this Nation.

Lord, help them to remember, we are not great because of our vast resources or our manufacturing abilities, but because our Fore Fathers believed when your Word said, "Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord".

And as they looked to you Lord, You led them, and your blessing was upon this great land.

But today Lord, we need your Divine direction and blessing to be upon this nation more than ever.

And now Lord, let your blessings be upon each one of these men and women that are leaders today.

This we pray in Jesus name: Amen.

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