The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Reverend Emmett J. Gavin, O. Carm.

WHitefriars Hall
Washington, DC

Date of Prayer: 12/13/2000

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

The Reverend Emmett J. Gavin, O. Carm, Whitefriars Hall, Washington, D.C., offered the following prayer:

Gracious and loving God, as we enter the closing days of this year and this Congress, we ask for an abundance of Your grace and guidance. Give the men and women of this Chamber the gifts of wisdom, prudence and unity of purpose that will enable them to govern the people of this land with justice and good judgment.

We are a people in need of healing, unity and peace. Help the work of this august body further those national goals. May the decisions and policies that emerge from these hallowed Halls enhance unity and understanding, not only among the people of this country, but throughout the world.

Even as the Members of this House mourn the loss of their esteemed colleague, Julian Dixon, who is being laid to rest today, give them the hope and confidence of a brighter future for all the people of this land who are entrusted to their care.

May renewed commitment to the goals of our Democratic way of life energize the efforts of our elected representatives and give them new purpose as they pursue the best interests of this great Nation.

Your peace, gracious God, that passes all understanding, be with all Your people, this day and every day.


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