The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Sister Jacquelyn Gusdane, SND

Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School
Chardon, OH

Sponsor: Rep. David Joyce, (R-OH)
Date of Prayer: 05/09/2013

One Minute Speech Given in Recognition of the Guest Chaplain:

The SPEAKER. Without objection, the gentleman from Ohio (Mr. Joyce) is recognized for 1 minute.

There was no objection.

Mr. JOYCE. Mr. Speaker, I'd like to thank Sister Jacquelyn Gusdane for leading the House in prayer and for making this trip from Chardon, Ohio. It was a beautiful prayer , and it's an absolute honor to have her here today.

I first met Sister Jacquelyn at Notre Dame–Cathedral Latin School in Chardon, where she is the president and all three of my children attended high school. Sister Jacquelyn is a model of grace, compassion, and humility, and I feel very lucky to have had my three kids under her watch.

Sister Jacquelyn leads a life of service, volunteering at WomenSafe in Geauga County, at the Hospice of the Western Reserve, and countless other schools, organizations, and churches in northeast Ohio.

She's also taken her service beyond our borders, making a trip to the Holy Land, to Israel and Jordan, and traveling to China, Brazil, El Salvador, Germany, and many other nations.

At NDCL, under her leadership, this small parochial school has allowed many children of middle class families such as ours to enjoy their college preparatory education while becoming leaders in the community, all the while keeping true to the mission of living the truth through love.

Sister Jacquelyn, it's an honor and a privilege to have you here this morning, and thank you very much for leading the House of Representatives in prayer .

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

Creating God, this day we are surrounded by the immensity of Your universe as spring unfolds before us. You continually bestow hints of Your beauty, creative power, abundance, goodness, and provident care. You say to us, "Look around and rejoice as new life bursts forth."

With this perspective, we embrace our work this day. We come before You as men and women committed to the trust given to us by our Nation. Led by Your Spirit, we beg You to open our minds and hearts to our responsibilities; teach us how to exercise wisdom, courage, and our gifts for the common good by arriving at workable and reasonable solutions.

May our actions result in greater charity, justice, and the transformation of our world.

With Your guidance, this is our hope and prayer as we accept our call to serve as restorers of new life and give glory to You.


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