The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Reverend Al Riddley

The Springs of Bonita Church
Bonita Springs, FL

Sponsor: Rep. Cheri Bustos, (D-IL)
Date of Prayer: 06/14/2016

One Minute Speech Given in Recognition of the Guest Chaplain:

Mrs. BUSTOS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Al Riddley of Springfield, Illinois, who is giving this afternoon's opening prayer .

This tradition of a congressional prayer dates back all the way to the Continental Congress in 1774. It has guided the House of Representatives through trying and through difficult times. That is why I can think of no better person to lead us in prayer this afternoon.

Al has dedicated his life to helping others and improving our communities in Illinois. Throughout his entire professional career, he has extended a helping hand to the most vulnerable, especially our friends and our neighbors in need.

Al serves on the Governor's Commission on the Elimination of Poverty. As the recent past executive director of the Illinois Coalition for Community Services, he has worked to empower volunteers through education and grassroots organizing.

As a minister, Al gives the best sermons I have ever heard. He can move congregations to tears. He can give them a good laugh. And I can guarantee you that if you hear him, there is never a congregation that doesn't walk away feeling inspired to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors.

That is why it makes me proud to say that Al Riddley is going to be giving the opening prayer later this afternoon, and I am honored to have him here with us today.

The SPEAKER. Without objection, the gentlewoman from Illinois (Mrs. Bustos) is recognized for 1 minute.

There was no objection.

Mrs. BUSTOS. Mr. Speaker, during morning–hour debate, I spoke about Al Riddley , who is from Springfield, Illinois, which is my hometown. He also is my brother–in–law. My sister from Springfield, Illinois, Lynn Callahan Riddley is also here. I want to welcome them to the Nation's Capitol.

Mr. Speaker, thank you very much for your courteousness to my sister and brother–in–law. I am grateful to you.

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

Dear God, grant us the wisdom and vision to comprehend the common belief that all people shall know peace as well as justice, righteousness, freedom, and security, with equity for every culture, color, and commitment.

Remind us of the past victories while recognizing the present challenges so as to strengthen our future as a country.

Lord, on this Flag Day, as it is honored and displayed around the world, may we take pride as Americans in being reminded of the significance of our democracy.

Give guidance to us as we are diligent in our responsibilities as citizens to guarantee that freedom is enjoyed by all who claim this country as home.

In our Allegiance, we witness to "one nation under God" as a promise of what others in this world can yet become. For this, we Americans stand together today, proud and strong, both now and forever.


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