The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Dr. Tony Foster

Restoration Worship Center
Greenwood, SC

Sponsor: Rep. Jeff Duncan, (R-SC)
Date of Prayer: 07/14/2023

One Minute Speech Given in Recognition of the Guest Chaplain:

Mr. DUNCAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise to welcome today's guest chaplain, Reverend Dr. Tony Foster of Restoration Worship Center in Greenwood, South Carolina.

Dr. Foster, a personal friend of mine, has faithfully served in Christian ministry for more than 29 years. In that time, he has preached the gospel in the United States and around the world, ministering in the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and other countries.
Pastor Foster is co–founder and co–pastor of Restoration Worship Center, which began in 2003 with just 25 members and the goal of being a place for the community to worship God while growing in their faith.
He is partnered in ministry by his wife, Joanie, who is watching from the gallery today. Pastor Tony and Joanie also have two sons, James and Trey.
His ministry seeks to equip Christians to stand for righteousness in the nations of the world.
Outside of the pulpit, Pastor Tony lives out his faith and his commitment to helping troubled youth become all God wants them to be by serving on the South Carolina Juvenile Parole Board.

Dr. Foster also serves on the board of directors for the Charter Institute at Erskine, as well as president of Restoration Bible College. Most recently, he took another step to serve the community being sworn in as a magistrate judge in Greenwood County, South Carolina.
I am proud to have Pastor Tony Foster here as the guest chaplain of the people's House. I am grateful for his service to God and our country and especially the youth of South Carolina.
I pray that God continues to bless him and his family, the State of South Carolina, and the United States of America.

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

Our gracious Heavenly Father, thank You for this great Nation that we have the honor to call home. Thank You for the blessings of this Nation for 247 years. The Bible declares: Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.
Forgive us Lord, as a nation, that we have not always lived up to Your word or Your ways. But nevertheless, the Bible declares in 2 Chronicles 7:14: "If My people, who are called by My name, would humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, and forgive their sins, and heal the land."
Only You our God, through the power of Your spirit, can heal our land.
I pray for our leaders today in the U.S. House of Representatives, that we would become again one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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