The Office of the Chaplain United States House of Representatives

Reverend Jim Schetler

Pensacola Christian College Campus Church
Pensacola, FL

Sponsor: Rep. Hon. Dan Miller, (R-FL)
Date of Prayer: 02/13/2003

One Minute Speech Given in Recognition of the Guest Chaplain:

Mr. MILLER of Florida. Mr. Speaker, I am proud to acknowledge Pastor Jim Schetler, who blessed us with our opening prayer today. Pastor Schetler comes to us from Pensacola Christian College Campus Church, a ministry involving over 1,500 members of the community, and over 4,000 Pensacola Christian College students when the school is in session.

His personal journey with God and the Holy Spirit has given him a dynamic and vibrant ability to make his preachings come alive to Christians of all ages. As a result, his Sunday morning services are now aired by television stations nationwide. Originally from Traverse City, Michigan, Pastor Schetler graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 1979 and has remained in its service ever since. He met his wife, Marilee, while he was a student at PCC, and has been blessed with three wonderful sons: Benjamin, Luke, and Drew.

Upon graduation, he spent the following 2 years traveling as a PCC representative. Afterwards, he and Marilee spent 6 months living in a kibbutz in Israel with the Baptists for Israel Institute. He then spent the next 7 years as a youth pastor of Campus Church until he became the pastor of Campus Church in 1988.

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank my friend, Pastor Jim Schetler, for joining us on the House floor today.

Opening Prayer Given by the Guest Chaplain:

The Reverend Jim Schetler, Pastor, Pensacola Christian College Campus Church, Pensacola, Florida, offered the following prayer :

Dear Holy and Merciful Father, we praise You for who You are; for all You provide and for all You do in us and through us.

Thank You for the blessing of being an American. We praise and thank You for the protection and provision on this blessed land. Lord, pour upon these legislators a spirit of cooperation, enabling them to complete today's priorities.

Father, provide a hedge of protection around this body and their loved ones. Give unto them a righteous discernment and the courage to dispense it. Enable them to be upright stewards of the time, assets, and authority entrusted to them.

May each representative understand they were elected by the people, but ordained by You, the creator of government, and are therefore Your ministers.

When this day is done, may much be accomplished with a clear conscience to all regarding their decisions. Most of all, Heavenly Father, we acknowledge that You will be our refuge and our strength in the days to come.

In the name of our Lord, we ask these things. Amen.

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